TECH UPDATE: Orpat launches smart fan in India, claims 65 percent power savings


Orpet Group, a leader in the manufacture of small home and kitchen appliances, has introduced a new range of smart fans, MoneySaver Fan, in the Indian market. The starting price of this MoneySaver smart fan from Carpet is Rs 3,100. According to the company, 'MoneySaver' smart fan works on BLDC (Brushless DC) technology. Explain that BLCD technology helps in reducing power consumption.

According to the company's claim, the use of this MoneySaver fan range can reduce the electricity bill by up to 65 percent. All the fans of this series have got a rating of 5 stars. As per the claim, while a normal fan consumes 75 watts of electricity, MoneySaver consumes only 28 watts. Reducing electricity consumption leads to savings of more than 65 percent on electricity bills per year.

MoneySaver fan works three times better than a normal inverter mounted fan and is twice as safe from voltage fluctuations. Furthermore, it is designed in such a way that in boost mode, if the voltage drops to 160 V or the power rises to 260 volts, the fan continues to run at the same 370-380 rpm. Along with this, there is no decrease in the amount of air.

This fan can also be operated from the mobile app. The app can be used as a fan remote. In this case, you will not need a regulator with a fan. MoneySaver Smart Fan comes with LED Light, Smart Remote with Sleep Mode, Booster, and Timer Mode. The company claims that this fan protects against germs up to 99.2%.