Tech Update: Now Mitron app will be installed in the iPhone, will get a special feature


There was a time when it became very popular due to the microphone app Tick Talk Ben. This app works like a tick talk and the user can insert videos just like a tick talk. Now it has arrived for iPhone users 6 months after the Mitron app launch. Now anyone who uses an iPhone and if they want to use the Mitron app can download the Mitron app from Apple's AppStore.

When Tick Talk was banned in India, the app went viral and everyone was saying that the app would change Tik Talk but not because users who used to use Tick Talk are now distributed went. People who used Tic Toc and when Tic Toc was banned have now found many platforms where Tic Toc users can create and upload their own short and vertical videos and even You can also watch such videos.

Now Tick Talk users can also create short videos on YouTube using the shorts feature. The app first appeared on Google's Playstore and 6 months after its launch. It was a little news about a matron app that I had to tell you that you found out. So if you have an iPhone, you can install the Friends app on your phone.