Tech Update: Now Apple will launch its search engine to compete with Google


Apple, the world's leading technology company, was rumored to be developing its search engine. If this news is true, Google will be shocked. Given the recent accusations against Google, Apple is expected to do just that. Reportedly, Apple has now been accused of misusing Google's search engine. If Google destroys its partnership with Apple, it can be very difficult for Apple.

According to recently reported reports, it can be said that, according to unconfirmed reports, Apple hired technicians involved in search engine development. Which includes some former Google employees. Google was also hiring some new technicians. Recently Apple has also made some changes regarding the use of its smartphones.

A recent discovery revealed some early Apple results. If Apple creates its search engine, it will have to compete directly with Google. Currently, 90 percent of the world's people are searching on Google's search engine. Earlier, some companies had unsuccessfully tried to compete with Google. Now Apple is doing it. Overall the users are going to benefit.

Let me tell you that at this time people all over the world are using Google search engine. People open Google directly on their smartphones or laptops for any major information.