TECH UPDATE : Innovation Handheld smartwatch will be charged with pocket smartphone


Generally, any gadget has to be connected to a power connector to charge, although now wireless charging is also being used in this also the charging pad has to be connected to a power source. The world is now moving beyond wireless charging as well. We are saying this because some researchers in Singapore say that they have invented a new technology that can be used to charge a handheld gadget ie a smartwatch or band by tapping the human body through wireless power transmission. It is claimed that in this technology, power will be transmitted from the phone kept in the pocket, which will charge the gadget in hand.

The team from the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National University of Singapore has surprised the world with this new and unique technology. The system, designed by the team, consists of a chip in each receiver and transmitter mounted on the human body, which is used as a springboard to increase coverage across the body. The user then needs to place the transmitter on one of the power sources. For example, if the smartphone in your pocket is charged, it can charge the smartwatch or band in your hand.

Researchers say that charging a wearable gadget is a difficult task. If you are wearing a smartwatch, you will have to charge it from time to time, whereas with the help of new technology, you will not have to do this nor do you have to carry a separate charger. Any other gadget lying in your pocket like a phone will charge the wearable device.

According to researchers, we come in contact with electromagnetic waves in our office or home environment throughout the day but are not able to use them. For example, a running laptop or another similar device. With the help of new technology, these electromagnetic waves can be used to charge any other gadget.