Tech Update: Google launches the latest version of Chrome, will warn about password theft


Veteran search engine company Google (Google) launched Chrome 79 (Google Chrome 79) version, keeping in mind the data security of its users. In the latest version of Chrome, users will get many special features, which will improve their experience. Talking about the specialty of Chrome 79, the password security feature has been given in this version, which will alert its user immediately if the password is stolen or leaked. Not only this, but this version will also advise users to change the user name, including the password, from time to time. Even before this, Google introduced many security features for the old Chrome version.

Chrome 79 will be roll-out for other users soon

According to the media report, users will be able to control the new features easily by going to the settings of Chrome 79. At the same time, the company will soon launch this latest version for all users. Let us know that Google will keep an eye on the password of its users, but will not be able to see the information related to the login.

Apart from this, the latest technology of Tried and Tested Encryption has been used in Google Chrome 79, which will search the user's password from a large amount of leaked information without seeing the plain text. Also, the company has given a real-time option of fishing protection in this version.

Google added a new feature for correct word pronunciation

Google introduced a new feature last month to improve the search process so that people will now be able to check whether their pronunciation is correct or not. Till now you could hear the correct pronunciation of a word, but after the introduction of this feature, you will now be able to speak it correctly.

Google has used machine learning technology for this. Through artificial intelligence (AI), it is seen which way to pronounce a word. Google's speech recognition tool analyzes the spoken word and matches it with the pronunciation of the expert.