TECH UPDATE: Facebook's first smartwatch will be launched soon, will also get the support of a camera


The world's largest social media company Facebook is about to launch its first smartwatch soon. It is being said that the launch of Facebook's smartwatch will happen in the first half of next year. Two cameras will be available with the display in Facebook's smartwatch. One camera will be used for photos and the other for sharing videos on Facebook.

You will also be able to do video calling with the front camera that comes with the smartwatch. The camera will have autofocus and the video quality will be 1080 pixels. At the same time, the camera with the back panel will be used for video recording. The back panel will be of stainless steel. According to the report, Facebook is in talks with companies like Backpacks for its first smartwatch.

The purpose behind launching this smartwatch is to use the smartwatch as a smartphone. Facebook's smartwatch will compete with companies like Apple and Google, although Facebook has not officially said anything about its smartwatch yet.

It is also being said in some reports that LTE connectivity will also be available in Facebook's smartwatch. For this, the company is in contact with many American companies. It can also mean that Facebook's smartwatch is sold from the platform of telecom companies.

Facebook's smartwatch can be launched in White, Black, and Gold colors. According to the leaked report, the price of Facebook's smartwatch can be close to $ 400. There is still nothing clear about the name of the smartwatch.