TECH UPDATE: Cyberattack on one unit of Toshiba, burglary in 740GB data


Cyber ​​attack reported on a unit of electronic company Toshiba. It is being said that this ransomware attack is done by the DarkSide Group. Let me tell you that this is the same group that recently made America's largest fuel pipeline colony a victim.

Following this cyber attack, cyber experts say that there are around 30 groups of DarkSide hackers who keep hunting the companies of different countries from time to time. Experts say that during this era of work from home, it has become easier for hackers to hunt down a company or organization.

A security firm has shared a screenshot about this hacking of DarkSide, according to which hackers have received around 740 GB of data which contains much personal information including passports of the company's employees. In a ransomware attack, hackers encrypt the data and then ask for payment in cryptocurrency to decrypt.

Let us know that the Darkside Group has done a big cyber attack in the US only last week after which the Colonial Pipeline was closed. The Colonial Pipeline is America's largest fuel pipeline on which 100 GB of data was stolen by ransomware attacks. According to the AFP report, the Colonial Pipeline will be restarted on Wednesday next week. Earlier, the company had said that due to this cyberattack, the normal supply will be closed for several days.

Let us tell you that 2.5 million barrels of oil go through the Colonial Pipeline every day. In the US East Coast states, 45% of diesel, gas, and jet fuel is supplied through this pipeline. The pipeline was attacked by a gang of cybercriminals on Friday after which the work of repairing it is still going on. Emergency has been announced in the US after this cyber attack.