TECH UPDATE : Britain - European Consumer Organization also opposed the privacy policy of WhatsApp


After persistent opposition to WhatsApp's privacy policy in India, the European consumer rights group BEUC, comprising eight member countries, has now opposed the company's policy. The BEUC has said that WhatsApp is unreasonably pressurizing users to accept the privacy policy.

The organization alleges that the manner in which the company has changed its policies is not transparent and users cannot understand it easily. Annoyed by the company's new policy, many users are now turning to Signal and Telegram.

BEUC Director General M Goyens said WhatsApp has been aggressively pressuring users to accept pop-up messages over the past few months to accept its new terms and privacy rules.

Users are being told that if they do not accept the new policy, they will not be given access to the app. BEUC has complained to the commission. At the same time, WhatsApp has said that this complaint has been made due to a misunderstanding. According to the company, there is no infringement of the user's right to privacy anywhere in its update policy.