Tech Update: An ambitious project of Starlink that will give the fastest net speed ever


The need for the internet has increased in all devices used from morning to evening like TV, mobile, computer, car. Also, in today's world, no section of society can separate itself from the Internet. All future technologies, such as artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and robotics techniques are based entirely on the Internet. Today, no country is developed or developing, but the reality is that 70 to 80 percent of the country's people have not been able to use the internet to date.

Tower installation is not possible due to any obstruction or geographical limitations especially in villages, forests, deserts, etc. As a result, the Internet has not yet arrived. It is very important to bring people from such places and people to global relations through the Internet, only then can those people develop properly and they can also connect themselves to the global culture. Modern scientist Elon Musk has started an ambitious project called Starlink to solve the challenges facing the Internet worldwide. The key point is to provide an uninterrupted Internet connection at a single speed to more than 1 trillion people in the world.

Launched by the SpaceX company, the StarLink project is the world's largest global Internet project, a network connection between more than one satellite, connecting 15,000 satellites in the closest orbit to Earth and connecting them to people in every corner of the world. Connects with Providing uninterrupted Internet connectivity from 100 Mbps to 1 Gbps without a SIM card and broadband anywhere in the world and with the lowest latency by the end of 2021, it is possible to explore the world very easily and experience real-time, which is now Was not possible till. Under the project, the satellites sent to space will weigh less than 500 pounds.