TECH UPDATE : Action: Amazon failed to protect personal data, EU fined Rs 6,600 crore


The National Data Protection Commission of the European Union (EU) has fined Amazon Rs 6,600 crore. It is alleged that it did not properly comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union. Some European companies had also alleged that Amazon had made its mark in the e-commerce market.

They have damaged their business by misusing the monopoly. According to the Private Data Protection Commission of Luxembourg, which imposed the fine, Amazon has made several errors in the processing of personal data. Amazon itself gave information about this fine in its regulatory filing made to the US Securities and Exchange Commission on Friday.

Accordingly, the commission had imposed a fine on the company on July 16 itself. Amazon, however, claimed that the commission's decision did not have merit and was ready to appeal against it and fight a tough legal battle.

This is not the first time Amazon has been caught in violation of the European Union's personal data protection law. In November last year also, he was accused of violating competition rules.

Amazon sold its products in unreasonably large quantities using data on the products, preferences, and habits of users sold on its platform by various companies. The US first opposed these actions of the European Union, saying that American companies were being harassed.

However, now he himself is taking similar action on these tech companies. Of these, Google is accused of abusing its monopoly for online search and digital advertising.