Tech Tips: You can also follow these easy tips to read WhatsApp messages without opening them


If you want to read a WhatsApp message without opening it and without informing the sender, then follow the tips mentioned here.

WhatsApp is such an app that we can not only send our messages to others, but we can also send our feelings to others in a few seconds. But if you ever get into a fight with a friend and he sends you a sorry message but you do not want to show him that you have read the message even after reading his message, what will you do? What happened, you too were thinking for a while, didn't you? Even if this is not an app, it is such that when the sender sent the message, you read the message, the message was not read by coming online and whether the message reached or not.

If you are looking for a way to read WhatsApp messages without telling the sender whether you have read the message or not, you will find four different ways to read WhatsApp messages without opening or notifying the sender. But if you also want to read the sender's message without opening it and also want that he does not know that you have read the message, then you can follow some easy tricks mentioned here.

turn off internet connection

If you receive a WhatsApp message and you open it and read it, the sender will know that you have read the message because it has double blue ticks. But if you want to read a message and you do not even know that you have read that message, then first of all turn off your internet connection when you receive the message. All you have to do for this is don't open that message and follow these steps:

  • Switch off Wi-Fi and mobile data by turning your mobile on Airplane Mode.
  • Now open WhatsApp, tap on Messages, and read.
  • Once done, exit WhatsApp and close the app completely.
  • After making sure that WhatsApp is completely turned off, turn off Airplane Mode.
  • By doing this you can read the message without informing the sender. By doing this the sender will not even get a double blue tick.

Read a message from the notification window

Whenever a message is received on your mobile, a notification will come. In such a situation, if you are thinking of reading the message without opening it, then see it as soon as you get the notification of the message. You can read the entire message in the notification window and the sender will not even be aware of it. But in this way, you can read only short messages. This is a great way to read short messages without opening the app and alerting the sender. Just make sure not to tap on the message while reading, as this will transfer you to the app and notify the sender that you have received the message.

Disable Read Receipts

If you value privacy and feel awkward notifying people when they have read their messages, WhatsApp gives you the ability to disable this feature for good. To do so, open the app and type on the right corner three dots. From there, tap on "settings", select "account", then tap on "privacy". Now, toggle it off and finish by tapping on "read receipts" at the bottom of the "privacy" page. Just keep in mind that by turning this feature off, you won't even be able to see if your messages have been read. Also, this feature will still work within group chats, so you can use the methods mentioned above to stop the app from notifying senders.

With all these methods, you can easily read the messages sent by the sender without opening the WhatsApp message and without knowing the sender. If you liked this article, then do share it and stay connected to read other similar articles with your website Newscrab.

Image Credit:freepik and Unsplash