Tech Tips: Never make these mistakes while setting the password!


In smartphones, we use many apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Gmail, etc. But when it comes to keeping passwords for them, we keep passwords of anything we wish. But hackers can easily hack such passwords. You should choose a strong password and use numbers, characters, letters, etc.

Today we are going to tell you some work tips or some important things that you should always keep in mind while creating a strong password.

1) While setting a new password, always keep in mind that never keep the password that you have kept for any other app. This is because if one account is tampered with then there can be a danger for other accounts as well.

2) You should not use the name of any member of your family or your name to create a password. Because it is easy for hackers to crack it and do not keep any of your ATM PIN as a password.

3) Do not use birthday, anniversary date as a password. It is easy to crack.

4) Password should not be saved online, even in the form of an email draft. It should be kept in a place where no one can see it.

7) Always keep in mind that the password should be changed in a few months.