Tech Tips and Tricks: If you are sending e-mails related to office work, then you must take care of some etiquette, so that your professional image will have a positive effect.


Sending e-mail is a very common process. Throughout the day we send many emails related to our work to our office colleagues. Even if it seems like a very small process to you and therefore you do not pay much attention to it. But do you know that there are some etiquette for sending professional e-mails, which if not followed, This can be a negative effect on your image as well? When you send an e-mail related to your professional work and some things are not taken care of while sending it, then it can cause some damage.

Many times your e-mail is ignored, due to which you are not able to reach your important things to the front. Apart from this, sometimes even the message of your mail does not reach the concerned person clearly, due to which they also consider you as unprofessional. So today in this article, we are telling you about some Email Etiquettes, which you must follow as a professional-

The clear and direct subject line

This is one of the most important tips to keep in mind while sending e-mails. Whenever you are sending an e-mail, focus on the fact that you must write a clear and direct subject line. Some people skip it, which makes it difficult for the other person to understand what the e-mail is about. Also, try to keep your subject short. For example, if the time of an office online meeting has changed, you can write in the e-mail subject - 'Today meeting time changed'. This will make it easier for the person in front of you to understand the importance of your mail.

Use professional e-mail only

This is a professional etiquette that must be followed. If you are sending e-mails to your colleagues for some professional work, then always use your professional e-mail for this. Also, instead of sending the e-mail to the personal e-mail id of the colleagues, send it to his office e-mail id. There are some etiquettes of working in the office, by following which you can create a good image of yourself.

be careful with words

Sometimes it happens that we call our colleagues by their short names, but when you are sending e-mails, then in such a situation, you should be extra careful about the choice of words. Keep in mind that you use only professional words in the e-mail and not be friendly. For example, you might use hello instead of Hi at the beginning of an e-mail. Similarly, instead of using the nickname or short name of any budgies, you should use their correct and full name only.

do not reply to all

Most of the time it is seen that when an e-mail is sent in the office, other members of the team are also included in it. In this way, sometimes the same e-mail is sent to five-ten people, but when you are replying after reading the e-mail, you don't need to send the reply to all the people. It may unnecessarily annoy other people. Therefore, instead of replying to all, send the reply only to the concerned person. Select the Reply All option only if you feel the need.

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