Tech Tips & Tricks: If the headphone jack of the phone is not working then try these tricks


If the headphone jack of the smartphone is not working, then there is no need to worry, but with the help of these tricks, you can fix it.

The problem would have increased when the headphone jack of the smartphone did not work. Nowadays everyone needs headphones to listen to songs or work. Many times it happens when the headphone jack of the smartphone sounds perfectly fine, but when you go to use it, there is no sound. Headphone users often face such problems. There is a lot of irritation when such problems happen again and again.

However, in case of such problems, your headphone jack doesn't need to be damaged. Sometimes such problems also happen with the charging jack of the smartphone. There can be many reasons behind this. In such a situation, today we will talk about the ways through which this problem can be fixed.

Is your headphone broken?

To understand why the headphone jack isn't working, it's important to understand where the problem lies. There is nothing wrong with the headphones. For this, you should check once by putting headphones in different devices. Check-in devices like laptops, TVs, smartphones, if headphones are not working in other devices as well, it means that it is damaged. In such a situation, immediately change it and take a new one.

Headphone jack cleaning is also important

Often there is soil in the headphone jack of the phone, which we do not know about. Therefore it is very important to clean it from time to time. Sometimes the headphone does not work due to dust being trapped in it, as it blocks the connection of the headphone and jack. In such a situation, you should first check the headphone ( earphone may be bad ) jack, if there is any dust and dirt in it, then clean it immediately. For this you do not need to use any liquid cleaner, but it can be cleaned with the help of dry and thin brush. Apart from this, if you want, blow two to three times vigorously, this will also bring out the soil.

Check device before connecting headphones

Many times the wireless Bluetooth or speaker is connected to the smartphone ( save the smartphone in the rain ) or other devices, in such a situation when we connect the headphones, there is no sound. Therefore, whenever you are connecting the headphones to the device, disconnect the Bluetooth before. Many times it happens when someone else's Bluetooth is connected, in such a situation when we connect headphones, there is no sound. So first of all check, whose Bluetooth is connected to the device. Instead of panicking, the problem can be solved with ease.

Protect the headphone jack from water and moisture

If not only soil but water gets into the headphone jack of the smartphone, then it stops working. So protect it not only from water but also from moisture. Pay special attention to the way you keep your smartphone in monsoon. Even a drop of water can affect the headphone jack, not just on the smartphone. Apart from this, if you see any problem in the headphone jack of the smartphone, then immediately show it to the mechanic.

Check once by going to audio settings

It may also happen that the problem is not in the jack or headphones but the settings. If this is the case then it can be easily resolved, for this you open the audio settings of the device and check the volume level. It may be that it is muted, which is why the headphones are not working. Whatever device you are using, you must check the audio settings once. If everything seems fine to you and still the headphones are not working, then immediately turn off the device and restart it.

If there is a problem with the headphone jack, then you can fix it with the help of these tips. Also, if you liked this article, then do share it, as well as stay connected to read other similar articles with your website Newscrab.

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