Tech Tips & Tricks: Download Facebook-Instagram videos on your phone, no apps needed


Earlier YouTube was the most popular platform for watching videos. But now social media websites like Facebook and Instagram are also full of videos. Here you will find videos of every category, from entertainment to education and fashion. However, there is no such feature on Facebook or Instagram that you can download videos and watch on your phone.

There are a lot of apps for downloading videos from Facebook or Instagram. But which of these apps is safe, it is a bit difficult for us to tell. So today, how we are going to tell you how to download videos from Instagram and Facebook, there will be no need to install any app or login account.

Download Facebook videos like this

- For this, you have to log in to Facebook on your phone or desktop.

- Now open the video that you have to download.

- After this, you have to copy the link to the video.

- If you are using the Facebook app, then the option of Copy Link will be found in the three-dot menu (...).

- Now open the website in your phone's browser.

- Here you have to paste the link of the video and click on the Download option.

- Now go to More options and choose one of the SD or HD options.

- The video will be automatically downloaded to the phone.

How to download Instagram videos

Like Facebook, this time you have to go to Instagram and copy the link of the video.

You will find the option of Copy Link in the three-dot menu (...).

- Now go to the website and go to the menu and click on Tools.

- Here you will find the downloader's option. Click on it.

- Now paste the link to the Instagram video and tap on the search option.

- Tap on Download at last. The Instagram video will download itself.