Tech News : India is waiting for 5G! Preparation for 6G launching in these two countries, speed knowledge will be surprised


India has long awaited the launch of 5G service. The 5G spectrum auction is in March this year. But according to the report of the parliamentary panel, only by 2022 can the 5G service be rolled out in India. But apart from India, China and America have started preparing to launch 6G service here. Where, China has been working on 6G for a long time. Huawei, a Chinese company, has a 6G research center in Canada, where 6G technology is increasingly being worked on. According to the current report, China launched a satellite in November last year to test airwaves for 6G transmission, while another Chinese telecom company ZTE is also working in this direction with Unicom Hong-Kong.

6G competition in America and China

What will be the speed of 6G? Its actual information is not available at the moment. After the successful trial run of 6G, the actual speed information will be available. But it is definitely claimed that the speed of 6G will be 100 times faster than the maximum speed of 5G.