TECH NEWS: IIT Kharagpur launches new kit, the corona test report will get in just 45 minutes


Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur has successfully launched its health care product 'Kovirap' on a business basis. The institute said on Wednesday that this testing technology is effective against infectious diseases, including Kovid-19. The product has been developed by researcher Prof. Suman Chakraborty, Dr. Arindam Mandal, and his research group and licensed to Rapid Diagnostic Group of Companies, India and Bramerton Holding LLC, USA, for its commercial production.

On this occasion, the institute organized an online press conference on Wednesday and the institute's director and researchers were present to announce it. IIT Kharagpur director Prof VK Tiwari said, "This step is being taken at such a difficult time when the transition of Kovid-19 is spreading rapidly in what is being called the second wave of infection in the common language, more rapidly than before. There is a risk of it spreading. ''

Tiwari said, "Even more commercialization of Kovirap will lead to indigenization in India and cheaper health products will be available in the Indian market." Also, this type of technology is needed to fill the gap in the global market. '

Chakraborty said that the research team used the 'isothermal nucleic acid' probe technology to create an updated version of Covirap to detect infections of viruses including SARS-Cove-2 (Coronavirus in common language).

Through this, Kovid-19 can be directly tested with a person's saliva sample and a portable device prepared by the team, without the need to extract RNA (the genetic material of the virus) separately. He told that results are taken in just 45 minutes after taking a sample of the patient. The free mobile app is also supplemented with this kit for quick results.

Chakraborty said that during the examination, samples are taken from the nose and mouth and diluted by pouring them into the slurry and after that, the reactive liquid (which is already supplied in ready form) is tested in portable equipment and without Individual interventions automatically result.

"We trained it in the field with the help of unskilled personnel, without compromising on quality," he said. The process of collecting and examining all samples can go anywhere with a portable device and does not require much training, so this technology is effective for community-level testing so that epidemics can be detected in time. . ''

"It can play an important role in preventing infection at the community level," said Chakraborty. Researchers have claimed that Kovirap has solutions to problems that other similar investigations have to face. The technology has been applied in various countries including the US and India to patent the name of IIT Kharagpur.