Tech News : Dragon scared by American app, Bain's decision taken in a hurry, know why China got upset with an app


China has banned the American App Clubhouse. The Chinese government argues that Chinese citizens had to pay huge sums of money to join Clubhouse, as well as having difficulty obtaining codes. Due to this, the Chinese government has decided to ban the clubhouse. According to the report published in China, up to $ 108 (about Rs 7,866) has to be paid for the Invitation Code of Clubhouse. Clubhouse is an audio-based app, where users are allowed to create and join rooms.

How Clubhouse Works

The Clubhouse app provides live audio chatrooms. Only a user can join this app if he has received an invitation from another user for this. At the moment, Chinese users had to visit the American App Store to register themselves at Clubhose. Only after registering his phone number there, he could get the invoice. But users outside China have to wait a long time for this. But there is also an option that if an old user of Clubhouse sends an invoice, then Clubhouse can be joined. But every user has the option of sending only two invoices.