Tech news : Do not forget this mistake while doing Mobile Charge, otherwise you may have to repent


In today's time, all our work is done through mobile. But using too much mobile also drains the battery very quickly. While charging mobile, we make some such mistakes which we have to bear. By doing this, the battery of the phone also runs out quickly. So today we are going to tell you what things you should focus on. Repeated charging of the phone puts pressure on the battery. So keep in mind that only charge the phone when its battery is 20 percent or less.

There are many such apps which claim to charge the phone quickly but these apps should not be installed as it keeps running in the background and data is lost quickly. The phone should never be charged with any other charger. This causes an incorrect effect on the battery of the phone. The phone should always be charged with the same charger.

Many times people put the phone on charging with cover, while this should not be done. It is said that applying the phone cover with mobile cover puts pressure on the phone's battery and increases the chances of malfunction. You should remove the cover while charging the phone.