Tech Diary- Never charge your mobile in a public place, hackers can clear your bank account


Many times when we are out of the house and our phone battery starts to malfunction, we immediately start charging our phone in a public place with a charger. How dangerous it can be. You might not even know. Hackers monitor these charging points. This leaks the data of your phone and you are not even aware of it. You will often find such charging points in public places like railway stations, bus stops, malls, etc. Hackers find their victims at a charging point at which more people charge their phones.

If you charge your phone with USB at these charging points, the login of the bank apps present in it, the password and data of the UPI app including Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Gmail, will be passed on to the hackers. This USB copies all the data on your phone then hackers delete your bank account. Not only this, hackers install viruses on your phone with the help of USB, which will not only charge the phone but will also copy the data.

As long as they are stealing data, the hackers make it their own. In which data is copied through cookies. Always keep a power bank with you or use your data cable to avoid being targeted by such hackers. If you ever need to charge the phone in a public place in an emergency, turn off the mobile and charge with your cable.

In this case, whenever you put your phone in charge, during that time, turn off the phone and charge it, data cannot be transferred.