Tech Diary- Instagram has given a new feature to users, now 4 hours of live video will be made


Livestream has become very popular for many artists during the COVID-19 epidemic. Platforms such as Instagram allow users to engage audiences, raise awareness, or Livestream only for entertainment. Knowing the importance of the live broadcasting feature, Instagram has now extended the deadline for live video. In a recent announcement on Twitter, the company has announced three new updates to its live feature. One is "Now you can stay for 4 hours", you can save your life for 30 days before removal.

All three new updates are very useful for Instagram users. Especially for those who are often on the app. The 4-hour long live video will serve to make any event live. Previously live events were allowed for at least one hour. In this way, the social network will allow users to save a live session for 30 days before deleting.

That's why now with the Story Archive and Post Archive, users can also use the Live Archive option. The last update that came out in terms of Instagram's live feature. That is the live video search section. This will help increase the search for live videos available on the page. Users will find a new section of "Live Now" inside the IGTV app to learn more about live streaming content.

Let us know that Instagram and Facebook Messenger have also brought across chat messaging feature with their new updates.