Tata is going to invest in Apple, a partnership between them


Apple, known worldwide for its superb smartphone, has started manufacturing its mobile phone in India. Apple's mobile plant in India will be located in an industrial estate in Hosur, Tamil Nadu. The plant will produce spare parts for Apple. Crucially, the Tata group will invest Rs 5,000 crore to set up the project.

According to a report, Tata Electronics has recently been allotted 500 acres of land in the Tamil Nadu Industrial Estate. The Tata group will invest in components other than Apple, which is expected to go up to Rs 8,000 crore. Meanwhile, no official announcement has been made by the Tata group or the Tamil Nadu government. According to the news, the project which is going to start in Tamil Nadu will be supported by Titan Engineering and Automation Limited (TEAL). It is learned that the project will employ 18,000 employees within the next year.

Importantly, it is said that 90 percent of the employees will be women. The government of Tamil Nadu has won after Apple contested several states to get this mobile project. The Government of Tamil Nadu has recently released the Tamil Nadu Electronics Hardware Manufacturing Policy 2020. It is learned that the Tamil Nadu government has set a target to increase production in the electronics industry from 100 to 100 billion by 2025.

It is believed that now Apple's smartphone in the country will come at a lower price than at present. At the same time, we can also see many cheap Apple phones in the country.