Talking on mobile and internet usage will be expensive from April 1, mobile companies are going to increase the pack prices!


If you spend too much time making phone calls etc. and using data, then bad news for you. Calling and data are going to be expensive from 1 April now. Telecom companies are set to increase rates from April 1 this year. Rating agency ICRA report revealed this.

In the Corona crisis, however, there has been an improvement in user (ARPU) on average revenue of telecom companies. However, this is not much because of the increasing expenses of companies, so companies are now preparing to raise prices.

The total AGR outstanding is Rs 1.69 lakh crore. So far, only 15 telecom companies have paid only Rs 30,254 crore. Airtel owes about Rs 25,976 crore, Vodafone Idea owes Rs 50399 crore, and Tata Teleservices about Rs 16,798 crore.

Experts say that in such a situation companies can put their burden on the customers. Now from April 1, you may have to spend even more on your data and calling packs.