Sweden bans Huawei, ZTE for 5G! Click here to know more


Sweden has banned the use of network equipment from Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE for 5G technology, citing China as one of the country's biggest threats. The country's telecom regulator said on Tuesday that the four telecom companies participating in the spectrum auction for 5G technology will not be able to use Huawei and ZTE products in any way.

The 'Swedish Post and Telecom Authority' said that telecom companies that want to use their existing infrastructure for 5G technology will also have to ensure that they remove the devices already installed by Huawei and ZTE. The regulator said that these conditions were decided on the basis of a review by Sweden's military and security services. Huawei described it as 'surprising' and 'disappointing'. Sweden is the newest country to include Huawei. This decision is expected to increase tensions between the Chinese government and Western countries.

US authorities have lobbied extensively in Europe to ban Huawei. This ban from Sweden will provide more opportunities for domestic companies Ericsson and Finland's Nokia. Both are Huawei's impedance companies in the network equipment sector. Klaus Friborg, head of Sweden's domestic security service, described China as one of the biggest threats to Sweden. He said that China is conducting cyber espionage to enhance its own economic development and develop military capabilities