Super Plan: Jio's ₹ 21 offer has created a ruckus, check out as the Jio customers are liking it a lot


It has not been much time for Jio to come in the telecom market compared to other companies, but Jio has tightened its grip on the telecom market. Before Jio where 1GB of data was used for the whole month. Now the same people are using 1.5GB to 5GB of data every day. Not only this, the customers are seen using the data booster plan even after the daily data limit is over.

Jio's ₹ 21 data booster plan has created a lot of panic in the telecom market. The reason is that this plan of Jio offers 1GB of data along with being cheaper. This plan of Jio has been included in the data booster plan, which you can use after the end of the daily data limit. Through which Jio customers can easily use up to 1GB of data every day. Although there is no limit to use 1GB of data, you can use it according to the validity of the existing plan.

Cricket matches are going on due to which Jio customers are easily seen to eliminate the daily data limit. Due to which Jio customers are preferring to recharge ₹ 21 to keep the enjoyment of the match. Most Jio customers have been seen doing this recharge through the My Jio app. Whenever the daily data limit of Jio customers is over, then Jio customers can easily recharge ₹ 21.

By doing this, Jio customers get 1 GB 4G speed data immediately. Also, Jio customers can enjoy 4G speed data without any interruptions. These days, Jio's ₹ 21 plan is also in a tizzy because of the season of the T20 cricket match. Due to which the daily data limit is ending easily and Jio customers are making a splash by getting a recharge of ₹ 21.

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