Smartphone excessive users are greedy, new research revealed


Doctors always warn people about the excessive use of smartphones. It is often said that people are complaining of pain in the neck and back due to excessive use of smartphones. Many times, the smartphone is also said to be harmful to the eyes, but nowadays the lifestyle of the people has become such that it has become difficult to stay away from the smartphone.

Now new research has shown that more use of smartphones is also making people greedy. Smartphone addiction is not only dangerous for the eyes but also creates a feeling of greed in the mind. In a German study, users who stick to the screen of the smartphone day and night have seen more calls for a reward. For this, they do not miss out on the biggest risk.

According to researchers from Frey University, most of the time users on smartphones either spend on social sites or play games. Both things take them to the beautiful world of the Internet. They lose control over this. They have a longing for reward, which provokes risk-taking.

Headphones along with smartphones are also dangerous

Let us know that recently medical experts have said that for the last eight months, people have started using headphones and earphones for many hours, due to which these complaints have increased. Dr. Srinivas Chavan, head of the ENT department of the government-run JJ Hospital in Mumbai, said that all these complaints were directly related to prolonged use of headphones.

He said that five to 10 people are coming daily to the ear, nose, and throat department (ENT) of the hospital with such complaints. He said that most of them use headphones for more than eight hours to work, which puts a lot of emphasis on the ears and can spread the infection.