Small air conditioner cooler has come in the market, may give competition to big coolers!


Now the summer phase has started and in February, the heat has broken all records. In such a situation, you can estimate the extent to which the heat will come in the coming time.

In such a situation, you cannot even think of living without a cooler. Today we have brought information about one such cooler for you. Technology companies have launched Mini air conditioner Cooler in the Indian market. These mini AC coolers are being sold on e-commerce websites Amazon and Flipkart.

These are available at a very low price and range from Rs 1899 to Rs 2500. It is a purifier mini cooler, which can be used at the home, office, outdoor, and at bedtime. It is also called a personal air cooler.

The size of this mini air conditioner is like a Bluetooth speaker. This cooler can comfortably cool a 14 square meter room. It has a 375 ml comfortably filled water tank which once filled gives cool air for 8 hours. By using it, electricity costs will also come down and it is environment friendly.

It has a built-in LED mood light, which is in 7 different colors with a color cycle option. It has keyboard buttons.

It consumes 8 watts of power for one hour. It has a micro USB port for connecting. Its length, width, and height are 141.5 mm, 141.5 mm, and 148.5 mm respectively. This small air conditioner can control the temperature and has rotating blades to change the wind direction.