Sim Card Swapping: How is the game of robbing people started, how is your sim used by someone else?


New cases and new methods of cyber fraud are coming up every day. One method of cyber fraud is SIM swapping. By swapping SIMs, fraudsters take money out of people's bank account and people do not even know it. Cases of SIM card swapping have come up from several states including Delhi and Mumbai, in which millions of rupees have been blown out of people's bank accounts by swapping SIMs. Let's know what is SIM swapping and what are ways to avoid it ...

What is SIM swapping?

The simplest of a SIM swap is to replace the SIM card or get another SIM out of the same number. In SIM swapping, a new SIM is registered from your mobile number. After this, your SIM card turns off and the network disappears from your mobile. In such a situation, the SIM is turned on by your mobile number with the thug, and taking advantage of this, he asks for OTP on your number and then blows money out of your account.

Many people cheat together

Such crimes have increased since 2011, according to Cyber ​​Security Expert Advocate Prashant Mali. SIM swapping is not just one person but many people are involved in this kind of work. Organized gangs carry out this. Internal research by the Cyber ​​and Law Foundation has revealed that in 2018, Rs 200 crore was blown into India in this manner. Through different types of media, social media, you are first monitored and your information is collected. Many times you get a call from an unknown number and information is taken.

This is how SIM swapping starts

These thugs call people with SIM card swapping and claim that they are speaking from the office of your SIM card company like Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, or Jio. These thugs claim people to increase internet speed and fix call drop. During this conversation, they ask for a 20-digit SIM number which is written on the back of the SIM card. As soon as you tell them the number, they ask you to press 1. With the pressing of 1, the authentication of issuing a new SIM card is completed and then the network disappears from your phone.

The network comes in thug's phone

As soon as the network of your SIM disappears, the network comes to the SIM card with the number of thugs. These thugs are very smart. They already keep an eye on people and they already have the ID and password of Internet banking. They only need OTP for the transaction which these people complete by swapping the SIM.

Collect banking details through the fake site

These thugs rank fake banking websites in Google by resorting to online advertising. After this, when you carelessly search your internet banking in Google, then the link to their fake website appears at the top. In such a situation, you feel that the topmost link is correct. After this, you put your Internet banking password and ID on a fake website and from here your banking details reach these fraudsters. So it is important for you to use Internet Banking only from the official website of your bank. Information about the website will be found in the kit you got from the bank.

Do not make the mistake of turning off the phone

In many cases, it has also happened that these fraudsters constantly harass by calling. In such a situation, you get fed up and turn off the phone and they wait for it. Actually, it takes about four hours for a SIM to become active. In such a situation, they want to stop your phone by harassing you so that they get time to turn on the SIM card.

Offer to deposit money in your account

According to Cyber ​​Security Expert Advocate Prashant Mali, if a person tells you that he wants to deposit some money in your account, then beware of him as well. He says, "They will tell you that they will give you 10% of the amount or will give you 10 thousand rupees. You can also get such phones which will say that the money is going to be sent to your account in a short time. This amount "Illegal money can be illegally borrowed from someone else's account through SIM swapping." In such a situation, you can inadvertently become a criminal because your account will also become a part of the crime of those fraudsters. If a person wants to deposit money in your account without any meaning, then do not get caught in his deception.

What to do if you are cheated in SIM swapping

Suppose you have taken full precaution but what happens to you if it happens to you for some reason. In case of any kind of fraud, first, call and block your debit or credit card in customer care, and after that give written notice to the bank. Apart from this, you can also give information about this to Cyber ​​Dost, an organization working under the Ministry of Home Affairs. You can also complain about this by visiting