Shocking! Google has closed 3000 Youtube channels, know what ??


Google has closed 3,000 YouTube channels that were spreading false news and misinformation on YouTube's platform. As per the information regarding this matter, it is being told that Google has been watching these YouTube channels for a long time. The account has been processed between July and September. Google states that access to videos posted on YouTube channels was very limited and most were viewed more than 10 times.

Wrong content was being posted on these channels

The big action by Google has caused panic among the administrators of these channels. Indeed, Google had to take this action because they were accused of presenting inaccurate content. However, Google declined to comment on the name of the channel.

A link to the video posted on YouTube was to be shared on Twitter. When we checked the account at the video, it turned out to be wrong. So a large number of YouTube What was the purpose of running the channel, it is still not entirely clear. Presidential elections are imminent in the US and it is important to know their hold in those contexts. Anyway, at this time China is spreading lies through social media all over the world.

Let us tell you that even before this, the action is being taken continuously by Google on another website and Facebook is also taking such action to stop fake news and false news.