Samsung Galaxy Fold will be launched in India on October 1


Samsung Galaxy Fold, the flagship smartphone of the legendary phone maker Samsung, can be launched in India on 1 October. According to IANS, sources have revealed that this phone will be launched in India on October 1. Speculations were being made about the phone for a long time. It is now believed that the phone is ready to knock in the Indian market. The phone was recently launched in South Korea.


According to IANS, the price of this phone in India ranges from 1.5 lakh to 1.75 lakh rupees. The report stated that the phone was first planned to be launched on April 26, but this phone was not being launched due to a performance flaw.

Launch delayed due to performance malfunction

After giving Samsung's foldable device to experts and other reviewers for review, the Honda Fold had two major problems, one involving its hinge (folding position) and the other with a protective cover on the display. Many experts removed the layer on the screen as a plastic layer, after which there were cases of performance degradation, while in one case, the display was damaged due to a clog in the space between the hinge and the screen. . . While Samsung has made the protective layer part of the screen to remove both these flaws, the space behind the display has also been filled.

Equipped with these features is steel fold

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Talking about the specifications of Vice, the 7.3-inch Infinity-V Flex Display in steel fold is given with 1536x2152 resolution. At the same time, on folding, the phone has a small 4.6-inch 840x1960 resolution display. The Galaxy Fold has a 7nm processor with 12GB of RAM. The phone has a 16MP ultra-wide camera, a 12MP telephoto camera and another 12MP widescreen angle camera for photography. The camera of the phone has a 10MP sensor. It runs on Android 9.0 Paa based Samsung One UI. The phone has a battery of 4,380mAh.