Revealed: Was bowed before Trump, recorded the calls of two members of the intelligence committee


Defending its reputation as a custodian of privacy, tech giant Apple said its hands were tied by an investigation by the previous Donald Trump administration that forced the company to hand over phone data of two Democratic Party lawmakers. Apple on Friday detailed aggressive efforts by the US Justice Department to exercise legal force to detect leaks of information related to Trump's investigation into Russia ties.

The US Justice Department managed to persuade a federal judge to issue a subpoena to Apple, requiring Apple to provide phone records and message information to House Intelligence Committee members Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell during 2018. The two Democratic lawmakers from California are part of a committee investigating Trump's ties with Russia. Neither Schiff nor Swalwell knew that some of the information had been confiscated by May 5.

The disclosure of Apple's compliance with the summons comes at a time when the company has stepped up efforts to portray privacy as a "fundamental human right" in its marketing campaigns. Apple also beefed up privacy in April when it tightened privacy controls on the iPhone, making it harder for companies like Facebook to track people's online activities to sell ads.

Apple said in a statement that it would continue to fight against unreasonable legal demands to provide personal information and notify consumers about them, although Apple said in the case that it was bound by the order signed by a federal magistrate judge and had to There was no information about the nature of the investigation.