Pubg: PUBG Mobile confirmed back in India, the special game will be launched


Nearly a month later, PUBG Mobile has confirmed its return to India. PUBG Corporation has announced the return of PUBG Mobile in India. It has also said that a special game for Indian users will also be launched. The special thing is that for the new game, PUBG has decided not to partner with any Chinese companies.

According to a statement by PUBG Corporation, PUBG Mobile will be launched in India soon. For this, the company will fully follow the data policy of the Government of India.

PUBG has also announced a $ 100 million investment in the Indian gaming industry. The company said in a press release that its parent company Krafton Inc will invest $ 100 million in India. The investment is for sports, e-sports, entertainment, and IT industries in India.

PUBG Corporation recently posted on Linkedin for the Indian Office to be the post of Corporate Development Division Manager. Five years of experience was sought for this job.

Let us know that at the beginning of September, PubG Mobile was also banned in India with 200 gaming apps for data security, while now the company has decided to return, although the exact date of launching of PubG Mobile in India. There is currently no information about it.