PUBG disappeared from the mobile app store and Google Play store


The PubG Mobile game has been removed from the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store, although those whose phones already have PubG Mobile and PubG Mobile Lite games are able to play the game. Let us know that the Government of India has recently banned data privacy on 117 mobile apps including PUBG Mobile, although desktop users can still play PUBG games comfortably.

PUBG Game's parent company Tencent Games (Tencent) said on Friday that it is in talks with the government after the ban on PUBG and that the PUBG mobile game will be brought back soon. Explain that Pabji is the largest market in India. The number of users of PUBG in the country is more than 170 million, while there are 50 million daily active users. Tencent says that he is very serious about the data of his users.

The Information Ministry has banned 118 apps, saying that these apps are not good in terms of protecting the country and the law. Earlier, the government has imposed a total ban on a total of 105 mobile apps, including TicketLock. It has been said by the government that many complaints have been received about these apps.

The teaser of the Made in India multiplayer gaming app FAU: G has been released as soon as PUBG is banned. It has been announced by Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. He has given information about it by tweeting. There is no specific information about this game at the moment, but according to reports, the FAU: G game will also be multiplayer, just like PUBG.

FAU: G will be introduced for both Android and iOS platforms. The full name of the game will be Fearless and United: Guards (FAU-G). The playing characters of this game will be from the Indian Air Force. The game will be released by the Bangalore-based company nCORE Games. There is currently no information about the launch date of the FAU: G game.