pTron tangent lite review: the best wireless neckband in the Rs 500 range?


Domestic company PTron Audio Accessories are gaining ground in the market very fast. PTron's grip in the Indian audio segment has become much stronger. It is also true that the company offers good products within the budget. Expanding its portfolio, Pitron has recently launched patron tangent lite. patron tangent lite is a Hi-Fi sports wireless neckband that claims a six-hour backup for battery life, while the standby time of this neckband is 200 hours. We have used this patron tangent lite available at Amazon for Rs 519 for 20 days. Let's see in the review how is this affordable wireless neckband?

patron tangent lite review: specification

The Pitron's neckband has a 125mAh Li-polymer battery, which has been claimed for six consecutive hours of backup. The wireless neckband features hi-fi sound, high bass, and magnetic earbuds. It also has three buttons for calling and music control. It has Bluetooth 5.0 for better connectivity. It also has passive noise cancellation. It has an HD mic for calling. patron tangent lite has a dynamic driver of 10 mm. It will get a micro USB port for charging and it comes with a one-year warranty.

patron tangent lite review: design and comfort

In terms of design, this Pietron neckband is excellent. We are saying this because instead of its wire round, it is stuck flat or so. In such a situation, the wires do not get entangled. The fitting of the neckband is good. In such a situation, whether you are walking or running, you will not have trouble. Buds do not fall from the ear. The neckband does not have a silicone coating but the finishing and gripping are good. Magnets are available with both buds. It has three buttons, which are the volume and power buttons. Can be purchased in Midnight Black, Fresh Green, Wine Red, and Vibrant Yellow Color variants. This neckband is also sweatproof, which means it will not be harmed by sweat. Overall, we have no complaints about the design.

patron tangent lite review: performance

Now as far as performance is concerned, we can say a line that if you have a budget of 500-600 rupees then there is no better wireless neckband in the market than patron tangent lite. In this, you get clear audio with proper bass, whether you listen to songs, watch movies, play games or even talk on the phone. The performance of this neckband is excellent in every respect. Bass and voice are clear. We also had a good experience talking on the phone. Voice and connectivity were not disturbed. The most important thing is that in this neckband of just Rs 519, you also get a voice assistant. You can activate Google Assistant or Apple Siri by pressing the power button for two seconds. It performs well with both iOS or Android devices.

Talking about the battery, it has a 125mAh Li-polymer battery. The battery life of this neckband is superb. The company lives up to 100 percent of its claims regarding battery life. If you listen to music continuously, you will get back up for 5-6 hours comfortably, while you use this neckband for calling and a little music, then it will support you throughout the day. Overall, it is the best neckband in its price.