Privacy at risk: 4 out of every 10 smartphones can be hacked, research revealed


All smartphone manufacturer companies claim high-level security with their phones, but in one research all claims regarding the security of smartphones have failed. A report claimed that hackers can comfortably hack 4 out of every 10 smartphones. This claim has been made by the security firm Checkpoint in one of its reports.

The report said that in the year 2020, 97 percent of the world's institutions have mobile cyber-attacks and at least one employee of 46 percent of the organizations has downloaded the app with the virus on their phones. Work from home has made hackers' work easier.

The report said that 40 percent of the world's smartphones have deficiencies in their chipsets, by taking advantage of which hackers can hack phones. Banking Trojans have increased by 15% in the year 2020 due to which personal information of people's bank has been stolen.

In the name of giving information on COVID-19, there are many apps that are cheating people. Such apps are spreading viruses in people's phones and installing apps like mobile remote access Trojans (MRATs), banking Trojans, and premium dialers in people's phones without their will.

The report said that due to COVID-19, work from home has increased and by the year 2024, 60 percent of the workers will shift to mobile, which means that most of their work will be done through smartphones. According to the report, the International Corporation Mobile Device Management (MDM) system has been used to spread malware through which 75 percent of mobile devices are managed.