Portronics Sound Drum L Review: Now you will get a party feel at home


Nowadays people are avoiding going out of their homes due to corona infection. Many special occasions in ACE go off without any enjoyment because going out and partying is not safe at the moment. In such a situation, if you want, you can enjoy the party with people close to you at home. The good thing is that for this you do not even need a big music system. Because there are so many Bluetooth speakers in the market that enjoy music with great audio quality at a low price. One of them is the Portronics Sound Drum L, which has recently been launched in the Indian market. Portronics Sound Drum L is a Bluetooth speaker and is priced at Rs 3,999. But at this price, it provides excellent audio quality, it will be known only after use. Today we have brought a review of Portronics Sound Drum L, in which we will tell everything from its design to perform in detail.

Portronics Sound Drum L: Design

The name of Portronics Sound Drum L is clear that it is a speaker design of a drum design. In terms of black speaker design, this device is similar to other Bluetooth speakers in the market. In this, you will get the power button which is used to turn the device on or off. At the same time, along with the volume up and down buttons, a calling button has also been given. That is, if you have connected it to your phone during use, then you can also attach a call to it. Apart from this, you will get a push button at the top of the device, which is given for bass control. The size of this Bluetooth speaker is very small and the weight is not too much, so it is very easy to carry it anywhere.

Portronics Sound Drum L: Performance

While reviewing the Portronics Sound Drum L, we found out that this device is capable of providing you with really great sound quality. It has 30W in-built speakers which will give you HD sound quality with better bass. The sound is also very good and if you are planning to have fun with friends at home, then this speaker can play with you. You can dance and have a lot of fun by playing music in it. On the other hand, if you are doing office work and are having trouble with repeated calls, then you can use this speaker. Because it has an in-built mic. For connectivity, it has Bluetooth 5.0 support and you will not have to fall into the mess of wires. It also has a USB pen drive, that is, if you wish, you can enjoy music by connecting the pen drive to this speaker. The best part is that it is IPX6 certified, which makes it water and dust-resistant soil. You can also use it in light showers.

Portronics Sound Drum L: Conclusion

The Portronics Sound Drum L is good in terms of sound quality but the company could have tweaked its design a bit. Because its design is very similar to other Bluetooth speakers in the market. In such a situation, at first glance, it is not able to make the users own. But if you ignore the design, it is quite spectacular in terms of features and this budget will give you the feel of a party at home.