Pakistanis are crazy about Indian plate, 44 countries of the world are fond of pizza, read the full report of Google


Who does not like to eat some special food, but when it comes to making something special in food, many people backtrack, although in the lockdown during the Corona epidemic, people watched a lot of videos on YouTube, learned, and Google has also done a lot of searches. Now a new search report from Google has revealed that pizza has become the world's favorite food.

44 Country Pizza Crafts

According to a new Google search report, 44 countries in the world are pizza lovers. This report of Google is based on the search of users of 100 countries of the world. This report showed that people from 44 countries of the world love pizza. Last year in 2020, most people from east to west and north to south searched the pizza on Google. Pizza enthusiasts include India, UAE, Saudi Arabia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, Indonesia, and Italy.

Chinese food occupies number two

The craze of Chinese food is also increasing rapidly. According to Google search, most people in the world like Chinese food after pizza. Although there has been a long-running commercial war between the US and China, Chinese food is the first choice of the American people. Chinese eaters include names of countries like Ireland, Hungary, Greece, Australia along America.

Sushi at number three

In terms of food, most people in the world prefer sushi after pizza and Chinese food to number three. It has been eaten the most in 10 countries, including Japan, Brazil, Ukraine, Sweden, Romania, etc. Let us tell you that Sushi is Japanese food, which includes cooked rice and other ingredients along with seafood.

Indian plate at number four

India may have liked pizza a lot in the year 2020, but the fourth favorite food in the world is Indian Thali. Pakistan, the neighboring country, placed the highest number of Indian plate orders in 2020. After Pakistan, the Indian plate addicts include the names of countries like Israel, the Netherlands, and Aruba. Nepal and Sri Lanka like to eat Chinese.

Indians do not like their plate

This search report from Google has also revealed that the dish is liked by the people there, but Indians are the only ones who have liked pizza except for their plate. The Italians searched their pizza, the Japanese liked their food sushi, but the Indians did not search their plate.