Opportunities in disaster: Google saved Rs 7,400 crore in one year by work from home


The Corona epidemic has troubled people for the past two years. The number of its infections is continuously increasing all over the world. The second wave of Corona in India has caused a storm. This epidemic has ended a lot, but many new things have also started. Millions of people in the world today are working from home (work from home). Companies are making a lot of profit from this work from home facility.'

You can gauge the profits of the companies from Work from Home, from the same fact that in the last one year, due to Work from Home, Google has saved $ 268 billion i.e. about Rs. 1,980 crore. Google's parent company Alphabet has said that in the first quarter, savings of about Rs 1,980 crore on promotions, travel, and entertainment and Rs 7,400 crore were saved in a year.

Even earlier, Google had said in its report that in 2020, advertising and promotional expenses decreased by $ 140 million, or about 10,360 crore rupees. An epidemic was the main reason for this. Apart from this, most of the events took place virtually, which saved money. Travel and entertainment expenses decreased by Rs 2,740 crore.

34% increase in revenue

While most people have suffered due to the Corona epidemic, Google's revenue has increased by 34 percent. Currently, work from home is going on in Google, but by the end of this year, there is also a plan to call employees again.

Google spends a lot on employee care and facilities such as massage tables, catered cuisines, and corporate retreats, but these allowances are not being given during work from home, which is saving the company a lot.