OnePlus launches OnePlus 8T concept, changes color back panel


OnePlus 8T Concept seems to be a futuristic phone. It has gesture control, color changing back panel, and many more. But at the moment it has been introduced as a concept only.

Story Highlights

  • OnePlus 8T Concept launched, back panel changes color by itself
  • OnePlus 8T Concept has mmWave radar, gesture control is also possible

Chinese smartphone maker OnePlus has launched a concept smartphone based on OnePlus 8T. OnePlus 8T is the company's latest flagship smartphone that has been launched recently in India.

The back panel of the OnePlus 8T concept smartphone is completely different. Here is a color-changing film that changes from dark blue to silver color.

The camera module of the OnePlus 8T concept smartphone has a Millimeter Web Radar Module (mmWave). It will be used for touchless control.

According to Oneplus, the OnePlus 8T Concept has been designed by 39 designers together. These designers are from China, Taipei, the USA, and India. The rear panel of the phone is inspired by natural elements and the color changes.

The rear panel of the phone is glass, in which metal oxide is used. The company has said that the back panel switches to color as soon as the Mate Oxide activates. That is, it shifts from one color to another.

The phone has a mmWave radar module that transmits and receives electromagnetic gain. Basically, because of this, the gesture control feature will work. For example, video calls can be accepted or rejected by placing a hand on the camera module.

Due to mmWave covering the phone's camera, the color of the back of the phone will also change. According to the company, the mmWave module uses software algorithms that also major human breathing.

One of the features of this concept phone is that it detects your breathing pattern and based on this, the color of the back panel of this phone will also change.

It is worth noting that OnePlus 8T Concept will not be sold at the moment. This is a concept phone and the company has shown that what else can be gained from the phone. The company can also launch it in the coming time.