Now there will be moving office, Car company Nissan released unique design


In the Corona era, the office of the people came to the house and they dealt with their office work from Work for Home. Now car manufacturer Nissan has designed the moving office. It is named Office Pod. In this, you can also do your work while traveling.

Office Pod will have your office in a car. It has a chair made by the American furniture maker Herman Miller and the desk space is also large enough for a large computer monitor.

Nissan's new concept is the camper van, which turns into a home office for remote working. People like it a lot. One can work in the car as well as work on the roof of the car.

Basically with this vehicle, you can take your office and work from anywhere. The Japanese carmaker revealed this unique concept a few days ago at the Tokyo Virtual Auto Show.

Nissan Motor's NV 350 Caravan is an office pod concept designed as a van for professionals. It is for those who work away from the office, as well as want to travel while feeling the office.