New update coming in Google Messages, SMS will be filtered on its own


Google has started releasing a new update of its Android messaging app Google Messages. After the new update, the messages will be divided into categories. For example, all the messages with OTP will appear in one place and one in the transaction. Google was testing this messaging feature for a long time and now many users are also getting new updates. Please tell that this feature was first released by Samsung. After that, this feature is also available with iOS 14.

What is special about the new update of Google Messages?

After the new update, the Android messaging app will get many categories like Personal, Transaction, OTP, Offers, and Travel, however, even after the new update, this feature will not be on by default in the messaging app. You will be able to turn it on and off in the Google Message app from the menu settings. According to the report, after the update, the category menu will appear at the top of the Google Message app. However, users will also have the facility to change the category.

What will be the benefit of the new update?

If there is an app that is the most confusing on the phone, then it is the messaging app because you have control over other apps, but not on message. The messaging app receives all kinds of messages daily, ranging from marketing to recharge and transactions.

After the new update, one type of message will appear in the same folder/category. The advantage of this is that you do not have to check all the messages to see a message. For example, if you want to see the message of a transaction, then you can directly click on the category containing the transaction and see the message containing all the transactions simultaneously.