New social media apps: Dispo - Clubhouse may become famous in the coming days


With the exception of apps such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which have accumulated coinage on social media, people are now talking about apps like Dispo and Clubhouse. By giving only simple features, these apps have come into the discussion and are being liked a lot.

Consultant Anoop Mishra, who has been working for many years on the new changes in the social media world, says that the scope of apps like Facebook and Instagram has increased so much that now people see less work and advertise more on them.

Nowadays people are preferring ad-free, ad-free, and real-time apps, even if they have fewer features. This is the biggest reason that apps like Dispo and Clubhouse are getting such a name in a short time.

9.6 billion downloads in 2020

According to App Annie, a data-gathering organization on the apps market, different types of social networking apps were downloaded around 9.6 billion times in the year 2020.

Audio-video chat at the photo-sharing clubhouse on Dispo

Dispo is a kind of photo-sharing app, but it is quite different from Instagram. Only simple features are provided in the Dispo app. That is, in this app, you have not been given the option to add effects to the video and edit the photo. More than 10 million people have downloaded this app so far.

The clubhouse app came into the international app market in March 2020. This app only discusses audio-chat and different topics. You can post your voice on this app. There is no feature like writing and making videos here. Over 10 million people have downloaded the clubhouse.

The demand for such apps is increasing with the preferred interface

Anoop Mishra adds that big apps like Facebook and Instagram often steal the features of other social networking apps. For example, more than 20 social media apps have been copied to Facebook. Instagram is now copying features of apps such as Snap Chat.