Must have seen MS, MR, MC, M +, and M-buttons in the calculator, Do you know what work they do?


The calculator plays an important role in solving any of the largest numbers in a pinch.

Be it a shopkeeper doing calculations in a shop or a student doing math, adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing a question. The calculator plays an important role in solving any of the largest numbers in a pinch. In addition to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division in the calculator, there are many such buttons about which we have no idea. Most of us ignore these buttons.

You may have used the calculator quite often during accounting, but do you know what the buttons MS, MR, MC, M +, M-, C, and CE mean and how they work?

Let us also know-

MS (Memory Store): Write down any number which is required repeatedly during the calculation and press MS. After that, the number will be saved automatically in the memory of the calculator and you will not have to type the number again and again.

M R (Memory Recall): Pressing this button will insert the saved number.

MC (Memory Clear): By pressing this button, the number saved will be removed from memory and you will be able to save any other number.

Source: google

Apart from this, the calculator also has two important buttons named (M +) and (M-) which work to support MS, MR, and MC.

M +: To add a number to a number saved by MS, one has to press (M +).

M-: To reduce any number in the number saved by MS, (M-) has to be pressed.

Source: Wikipedia

Similarly, C and CE are also two important buttons of the calculator. However, most people are aware of them. We use both these buttons to erase the number or number entered in the calculator. Yet there is a slight difference between these two.

During calculation, pressing the CE button will remove the last input, while pressing the C button will erase the entire input from the screen and zero will come.

Source: google

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