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Washing clothes by hand is not an easy task. It requires both hard work and time. That is why washing machines have become a part of household essentials in the last few years. Today, we all use washing machines to wash clothes.

With time, people have started liking the automatic machine too. Just put all the clothes and detergent in it at once, press the button and go to work. The machine itself handles laundry, rinsing, and drying. But electricity costs a lot in all this.

That is why a Japanese company has come up with the solution. You can run this machine named Drummi with your feet. You can easily wash your clothes in this small size washing machine. The company claims that paddling for five to ten minutes is enough.

A ball is formed inside the machine, in which the clothes rotate. The company claims that it also costs less water and being small and light, you can take it with you anywhere. Its price is around two hundred and fifty dollars i.e. 17,000 rupees. Currently, it can only be ordered online.