Mini AC Cooler has come in the market as soon as summer comes, the price is only 400 rupees!


Demand for cooler and ACs in the country increases as the summer season approaches. You can buy a cooler for the price of 1500 to 3 thousand. ACS starts from around 20 thousand but here we are going to tell you about a cooler. Its price is also only 400 rupees. Its biggest advantage is that everyone can buy it and enjoy the coolness in summer.

The company has named it Air Condition Cooling Fan. It does not have any type of machine for cold air, but it has an ice tray. In this ice tray, when you run by placing ice cubes, it starts giving you cool air. It also has bladeless wings that throw air within a 3 to 4 fit range. You can also run this smallest AC in the country with the help of a USB.

You can also provide a power supply with a USB. You can also run it with the help of a mobile charger, laptop, computer, and power bank. You can even connect and run it from your mobile via USB. You can take it easily with you anywhere and keep it at any place and run it easily.

You can buy it both online and offline. You can easily find this at many stores that sell electric items. But if you want to get it online, then you can easily get it from Flipkart, eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal as well as other e-commerce sites.