Microsoft employees will be able to work from home till retirement, may have to settle with less salary


Employees of technology giant Microsoft will now be able to work from home until retirement, although this rule will not apply to all employees. In other words, if an employee wants to work from home forever, he can do so. The company will not oppose it. US tech website The Verge has said in its report that most of Microsoft employees are currently working from home and the company is not going to open its office by January 2021, but even after the office is open, employees who want to do permanent work from home They are free for this, although the condition is that they have to vacate the office space. As an example, if you want to work from home, then you have to leave the office chair.

Kathleen Hogan, head of human resources, says the company is considering providing work from home to less than 50 percent of its employees forever, although the office will not be completely closed. He further said that we are not promising that all employees will get work from home. As an example, Microsoft employees cannot work from home who work in labs or give training to other employees.

This will also affect the salary of employees who want to work from home forever, although the company itself will make arrangements like an office at the employee's home. Microsoft has 163,000 of which 96,000 are in the US. These figures are as of June 2020. Explain that earlier companies like Twitter and Facebook have given the facility of permanent work from home.

At work from home, it seems as if working in sleep: Satya Nadella

Let me remind you that recently Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has said that she has become upset with Work from Home. He said that at times during work from home, it seems as if working in sleep. Satya Nadella said that online meeting with work is quite tiring.

In such a situation, employees are finding it difficult to keep the pace between work and personal life. He stressed that online meeting is very harmful. In a mere half-hour video meeting, a person gets exhausted, that is because it requires a lot of concentration.