Mi Electric Air Compressor launched in India, car tires will fill the air in just six minutes


Xiaomi has finally launched its digital tire inflator in India. The company has named it Mi Portable Electric Air Compressor. This electric air compressor of MI has a battery that can be charged and used.

This electric air compressor can also be charged with a power bank. Xiaomi claims that this electric air compressor can inflate a car's tire in just six minutes, while the cycle will take three minutes to fill the air. It also has a digital display for checking tire pressure.

Mi Electric Air Compressor Price

This electric air compressor from Xiaomi can be purchased from the crowdfunding platform. It costs Rs 2,299. It will go on sale from August 10. After the crowdfunding campaign ends, it will cost Rs 3,499.

MI Electric Air Compressor Features

It has an 18,650mAh lithium-ion battery, which has been claimed that once fully charged, this compressor can fill the air in five car tires or eight bicycle tires. No charger is needed to charge it. You can charge it with a micro USB charger. It also has a pressure control system with which you can fill the air in football or basketball.