Made in India short video app 'Mitron' launched three new services, learn about them in detail


Made in India app 'Mitron' was knocked into the market after the Chinese short video app TikTok was banned last year. This app has also been well-liked among users and its popularity can be gauged from the fact that it has crossed over 50 million downloads on the Google Play Store. It has been a year since the Mitron app was launched in the market and the company has introduced three special services for users on the occasion of its first anniversary. Let's know about these three services of Mitron in detail ...

Mitron has introduced services such as Mitron Club, Mitron Academy, and Mitron On-Demand to its users after a successful journey of one year. Which, along with giving a special experience to the users, will encourage enthusiasm and enthusiasm among Creates. Talking about Mitron TV's Mitron Club, it also provides a short format video app that helps in the monetization of businesses. Also, the app through Club offers creators a unique opportunity to create interesting content for users. Also, club members can connect directly with their favorite creators and see the kind of content they want. Thus, this platform provides an opportunity for creators to showcase their talent by creating content and engaging with a large audience.

Through Mitron Academy, creators get the opportunity to share educational videos, which also allows us to learn through the platform. That is, through Mitron Academy service, you will get any information related to entertainment as well as studies. Apart from this, the company has also introduced the third service Mitron On-Demand. In which users can request on-demand content such as Astrology, Song Dedication, Tips and Hacks, Birthday Wishes, etc.

The company says that Mitron TV has also modernized its technology and the platform provides a friendly interface to its users and creators. Many technical initiatives have been taken through the app which will help in improving the user interface. This includes recommissioning engines and editor tools. With the help of the editor tool, creators do not have to log on to other video editor apps to edit their content. At the same time, the creator gets more views on the video through the recommendation engine feature.