Looking for vacant slots for the COVID-19 vaccine, then this website will come to you


Corona infection is at its peak in India. Keeping this situation in mind, the central government has started vaccination for people above 18 years of age. The registration process for the vaccine on Arogya Setu and Kovin App has also started. However, people are not getting slots after registering. So today we will tell you about some selected websites here, through which you will get information about empty slots. Let's know ...

COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

Developer Amit Agarwal has designed the Kovid-19 vaccine tracker. This tracker monitors vaccine registration and sends users an e-mail alert when there is an empty slot.

How to find empty slots for vaccines

First of all, tell us to visit this link

Google Sheet will open on the screen of your computer or laptop, click on Vaccine Tracker here

After doing so, enter PIN-code, age, and email and click on create an email alert

If there is an empty vaccine slot near you, you will get information about it through email.


Getjab is an extremely useful website. Through this website, users will get information about empty vaccine slots around them through e-mail. The interface of this website is very simple. Users will have to enter their name, district, e-mail, and ID to get the information about the empty slot. If there is an empty vacancy slot nearby, then users will get information via email immediately. Let us tell you that the Getjab website has been prepared jointly by ISB alumnus Shyam Sundar and his friends.


The Cowin portal shows the results of all vaccinations, including records from people 45 or older. But this website only provides information on vacant vaccine slots for people between 18 and 44. To find an empty slot, users just have to enter the name of their state and district. For your information, let us tell you that this website has been created by programmer Bertie Thomas.