Largest cyber-attack in America, poaching 250 hospitals simultaneously


After a major cyber attack, all the hospitals of a major hospital chain in the US were hit by computer systems on Monday. During this period, all doctors and nurses had to use paper for every work instead of online.

Universal Health Services Inc. has more than 250 hospitals and other health centers in the US. She said in a brief statement on her website on Monday that her network is offline and doctors and nurses are working using other sources, including paper, while there is no information about the hackers' demand at the moment.

At the same time, the Fortune 500 company said that the treatment of patients is going on. There is no indication of a patient's information being copied or misused. The company has about 90 thousand employees. Meanwhile, the American Hospital Association's senior cybersecurity consultant John Riggi called it a "suspected ransomware attack".

He said that during the Coronavirus, criminals are increasingly targeting the network of health care institutions. Ransomware is a type of software through which hackers steal data and then ask for money to give it back. According to data compiled by cybersecurity company 'Amsysoft', 764 healthcare providers in the US were hit by 'ransomware' last year.